Limiting the frequency of log messages

The first move attempt (or intrusion) is logged as you see in the example above. Subsequent move attempts send a message to the log file also, but message throttling is imposed on the logging on a per-module basis. What this means is that the logging system checks again after the first 5 minutes to see if another attempt has been made to move to the wrong port. If this is the case the log file registers the most recent attempt and then checks again after one hour. If there are no further attempts in that period then it will continue to check every 5 minutes. If another attempt was made during the one hour period then the log resets itself to check once a day. The purpose of rate-limiting the log messaging is to prevent the log file from becoming too full. You can also configure the switch to send the same messages to a server. See “Debug and Messaging Operation” in the management and configuration guide for your switch.