Displaying traffic/security filters

This command displays a listing of all filters by index number and also enables you to use the index number to display the details of individual filters.


show filter
Lists the filters configured in the switch, with corresponding filter index (IDX) numbers. IDX: An automatically assigned index number used to identify the filter for a detailed information listing. A filter retains its assigned IDX number for as long as the filter exists in the switch. The switch assigns the lowest available IDX number to a new filter. This can result in a newer filter having a lower IDX number than an older filter if a previous filter deletion created a gap in the filter listing.
Filter Type

Indicates the type of filter assigned to the IDX number (source-port, multicast, or protocol).


Indicates the port number or port-trunk name of the source port or trunk assigned to the filter.


Lists the filter type and other data for the filter corresponding to the index number in the show filter output. Also lists, for each outbound destination port in the switch, the port number, port type, and filter action (forward or drop). The switch assigns the lowest available index number to a new filter. If you delete a filter, the index number for that filter becomes available for the next filter you create.

Displaying filter data