Configuring logging timer

By default, the wait period for logging "deny" or "permit" matches (described in ACL logging operation) is approximately five minutes (300 seconds). You can manually set the wait period timer to an interval between 30 and 300 seconds, using the access-list command from the config context. This setting is stored in the switch configuration.


access-list logtimer <default <30-300>>

From config context:

This command sets the wait period timer for logging "deny" or “permit“ messages to the SYSLOG server or other destination device. The first time a packet matches an ACE with deny and log configured, the message is sent immediately to the destination and the switch starts a wait period of approximately five minutes (default value). The exact duration of the period depends on how the packets are internally routed. At the end of the wait period, the switch sends a single-line summary of any additional “deny“ or “permit” matches for that ACE, and any other “deny“ or “permit” ACEs for which the switch detected a match. If no further log messages are generated in the wait period, the switch suspends the timer and resets itself to send a message as soon as a new “deny“ or “permit” match occurs.

  • default

    – Sets the wait period timer to 300 seconds.

  • <30-300>

    – Sets the wait period timer to the specified number of seconds.