password configuration commands

Use the following password configuration commands to configure the Password Complexity feature:

Command name


password configuration

Enables the aging, logon, and history checks. Configures aging and history parameters.You can configure the password parameters even if the password configuration feature is not enabled. But they will only take effect once the password configuration feature is enabled.The no option disables the Password Complexity configuration.

password configuration aging

Enables the password configuration aging check.The no option disables aging.

password configuration history

Enables the password history check.After authentication, the history is updated. The history is also updated whenever there is reconfiguration of the password. Once the maximum number of configured entries are reached, the oldest entry is overwritten.The no option disables the history check.

password configuration log-on-details

Disables the display of user login details. The no option enables the same.

password configuration aging-period

Configures the global password aging time for a system. The no option sets the global aging time to the default value of 90 days.

password configuration alert-before-expiry

Specifies the number of days for which the user is warned of the pending password expiration. The default value is 7 days.

password configuration expired-user-login

Configures additional login attempts allowed or a delay period during which the user is allowed to login after the password expiry. The default value is 30 days. The maximum number of login attempts is 10, the default is 3.

password configuration update-interval-time

Configures the minimum period of waiting, in hours, before an existing password can be changed.

password configuration history-record

Configures the maximum number of history password records for each user.

password minimum-length

Configures the minimum password length and completes the password configuration command. When changing the password for the manager, operator, and local management users, the new password must be at least the length of this parameter. The possible values are 0 to 64.The no option sets the minimum password length to the default value of 0. When the Password Complexity feature is enabled, the minimum password length is 15 for the manager user and 8 for all other users, including the operator. The range is 15 to 64 for the manager and 8 to 64 for all other users.