The default Custom Match Mode pipeline does not support matching on TCP Flags or L4 port ranges. The switch does, however, honor a “TABLE features” request message from the controller with match parameters in the OFPTFPT_MATCH property. The oxm_class for these match properties are OFPXMC_EXPERIMENTER and oxm_field values.

The following table shows the encoding format expected.




Has Mask



Experimenter ID (0x00002481)

There are 60 Range resources available per v3 card. By default, OpenFlow is configured to use only 50% of the resources.

Each range match in a rule consumes one range resource, with the following exceptions:

  • If a rule has same range values for L4 source and L4 dest range, two resources are consumed.

  • If two rules have the same UDP/TCP source/Destination range respectively, only one range resource is consumed.

Range Resource Example

If Rule1 has TCP source=100-200 and Rule 2 has TCP Source=100-200, only 1 range resource is consumed.
Similarly, if Rule1 has TCP source=100-200 and Rule2 has UDP source=100-200, 2 range resources are consumed.
Also, a rule with TCP source=200-300 and TCP Destination=200-300 consumes 2 range resources.