Matching on TCP flags and TCP/UDP port ranges

TCP Flags and L4 port ranges are supported as match parameters in Flow Modification messages from the controller. Experimenter Match Fields are used to accomplish this operation.

Matching on TCP Flags and TCP/UDP port ranges


Not supported

Match on TCP Flags and UDP/TCP source/destination port ranges in OpenFlow rules.

TCP Flags and UDP/TCP source/destination port ranges cannot be set/modified using an OpenFlow action.

Match support available for v1.3 instances only.

Instances negotiated to 1.0 do not support the feature (as 1.0 does not support Experimenter Match fields).

Match capability is available for rules in Policy Tables (TCAM) and Software Tables.

IP-Control-Table (Table-50) and MAC Table (Table 40/41) does not support matching on TCP flags or port ranges.

Matching is supported on the previously mentioned tables for Instances configured in IP-Control table mode and Standard Match Mode.

Masking is not supported for port ranges.

Match masks are supported for TCP Flags.


Experimenter OXM class is used to communicate the match capability to the controller (in TABLE_FEATURES_REPLY).


Controllers wanting to program a rule with these match parameters must use the Experimenter Flow Match Fields to specify the TCP Flags/Port range match parameters along with the experimenter ID.