Multi-VLAN implementation notes

  • For a Multi-VLAN instance, the first VLAN in the Multi-VLAN instance is part of the DPID. Since VLANs cannot be part of multiple instances, which ensures a unique DPID for each instance.

  • A VLAN, which is member VLAN of one instance, cannot be member VLAN of another instance.

  • A VLAN cannot be dynamically added to an instance when it is enabled, the instance must be disabled before adding a VLAN to an OpenFlow instance.

  • The user can configure VLANs that are member VLANs of an instance after creating and enabling the Multi-VLAN instance.

  • At least one Member-VLAN of a Multi-VLAN instance must be configured on the switch else the operStatus is marked DOWN.

  • Management and controller VLANs cannot be part of an instance.