Human readable data-path description

The OFPMP_DESC multipart response message allows an OpenFlow switch to specify a human readable text of size 255 ASCII characters.


Openflow instance <instance-name> datapath-desc <datapath text>

Set a name to the data-path description field in the OFPMP_DESC message. By default, the data path description is set to the instance name.

Set a name to the data-path description field

switch(of-inst-test)# datapath-desc dpid1
switch(of-inst-test)# show openflow instance test

Configured OF Version         : 1.3 only
Negotiated OF Version         : 1.3
Instance Name                 : test
Data-path Description         : dpid1
Administrator Status          : Enabled
Member List                   : VLAN 3
Pipeline Model                : Standard Match
Listen Port                   : 6633
Operational Status            : Up
Operational Status Reason     : NA
Datapath ID                   : 000340a8f09e8600
Mode                          : Active
Flow Location                 : Hardware and Software
No. of Hardware Flows         : 6
No. of Software Flows         : 4
Hardware Rate Limit           : 0 kbps
Software Rate Limit           : 100 pps
Conn. Interrupt Mode          : Fail-Secure
Maximum Backoff Interval      : 60 seconds
Probe Interval                : 10 seconds
Hardware Table Miss Count     : NA
No. of Software Flow Tables   : 1
Egress Only Ports             : None
Table Model                   : Policy Engine and Software
Source MAC Group Table        : Disabled
Destination MAC Group Table   : Disabled

Controller Id Connection Status Connection State Secure Role
------------- ----------------- ---------------- ------ ------
1             Connected         Active           No     Equal