Flow modification

Add/Modify/Delete flow

When the switch rejects a request to add, modify, or delete a flow mod, use the following command:


show openflow instance <instance-name> message-statistics

switch(of-inst-test)# show openflow instance test message-statistics

 Message Type                            Received       Rejected
 --------------------------------------- -------------- --------
 OFPT_FLOW_MOD                           11             0
 OFPT_PORT_MOD                           0              0
 OFPT_GROUP_MOD                          0              0
 OFPT_METER_MOD                          0              0
 OFPMP_TABLE_FEATURES (Change Pipeline)  0              0
 OFPMP_TABLE_FEATURES (View Pipeline)    1              0

Verifying flows

The flow can be verified at the switch by using the following command.


show openflow instance <instance-name> flows

Enable debug openflow at the switch. Run the command and observe the debug output for more specific reasons why the switch rejected the flow.


Similar troubleshooting techniques can be employed for port-modification, meter-modification, and group-modification issues.