Show meter information for a specific instance

Displays meter information. Meters are instance-specific. Meters are supported only in hardware tables; the maximum number of meters differs between platforms. DSCP remark meter is supported only in standard match mode. Further, DSCP remark type band meter cannot be attached to flows with a non-IP match.


When a same OpenFlow meter is used two or more times in an OpenFlow pipeline, it results in the meter rates being skewed, leading to unpredictable behavior in how the packets are metered. HPE recommends not using a meter more than once in a packet pipeline to avoid undesired behaviors.


show openflow instance <instance-name>

Example: Display meters for an OpenFlow instance

switch(of-inst-test)# show openflow instance test meters
 OpenFlow Instance Meters
 Meter ID             : 17
 Flow Count           : 0
 Input Packet Count   : 0
 Input Byte Count     : 0
 Duration             : 6
 Band Type Rate             Count
 --------- ---------------- --------------------
 Drop      500 kbps         0