Software and hardware rate limiting

You can specify resource limits used by an OpenFlow instance. Each OpenFlow instance has independent rate-limiters that can be set separately.


openflow instance <instance-name> limit {hardware-rate | software-rate}

OpenFlow instance name.


Limit the bandwidth that an OpenFlow instance can utilize. The hardware-rate is in kbps.

Range: 0 - 10,000,000

Default: 0


Configure the OpenFlow instance packet rate limit. The software-rate is in pps.

Limits the number of packets per second per module that this instance can send to the software path.

Range: 0 - 10000

Default: 100


Increasing the software rate limit increases CPU consumption and may impact system performance.

If the software rate limit is specified beyond 1000 pps, the following warning message is displayed: Increasing the software rate limit would increase CPU consumption and may impact the system performance.