Reporting problems

If you are unable to solve a problem with OpenFlow, do the following:
  1. Read the release notes for OpenFlow to see if the problem is known. If it is, follow the solution offered to solve the problem.

  2. Determine whether the product is still under warranty or whether your company purchased support services for the product. Your operations manager can supply you with the necessary information.

  3. If the problem you are experiencing has already been reported, access HPE Support Center and search the technical knowledge databases to determine the type of documentation and resources you have access to, which depends on your level of entitlement.

    The HP Support Center at HPE Support Center offers peer-to-peer support to solve problems and is free to users after registration.

    If this problem is new or if you need additional help, log your problem with the HP Support Center, either on line through the support case manager at HPE Support Center, or by calling HPE Support. If your warranty has expired or if you do not have a valid support contract for your product, you can still obtain support services for a fee, based on the amount of time and material required to solve your problem.
  4. If you are requested to supply any information pertaining to the problem, gather the necessary information and submit it. The following sections describe some of the information that you may be asked to submit.