Associate OpenFlow instance with OpenFlow controller

Once the OpenFlow controller is set up, each instance must be associated to a controller.


openflow instance <instance-name> controller-id <controller-ID>
no openflow instance <instance-name> controller-id <controller-ID>

Up to three controllers can be specified per OpenFlow instance.

The no removes the identified controllers.


Sets controller for the named instance.


OpenFlow controller ID to be associated with the instance; up to three controllers per instance.

Example: Associating an OpenFlow instance with multiple controllers

To associate controllers 1, 5, and 100 to instance "test", use the following commands:

switch (config)# openflow instance test controller-id 1
switch (config)#openflow instance test controller-id 5
switch (config)#openflow instance test controller-id 100

When an OpenFlow controller is associated with an OpenFlow instance, it cannot be deleted.