show ip igmp vlan 1

This command is used to show IGMP information for a VLAN.


show ip igmp vlan 1

Example output

Below is the output when version is set to 3.

switch(vlan-60)#  show ip igmp vlan 60

 IGMP Service Protocol Info

  Total VLANs with IGMP enabled                : 1    
  Current count of multicast groups joined     : 2    

  IGMP Filter Unknown Multicast: Disabled
  IGMP Filter Unknown Multicast Status: Disabled

  VLAN ID : 60
  VLAN Name : VLAN60
  IGMP version : 3
  Querier Address :
  Querier Port : 23                                                
  Querier UpTime : 0h 11m 44s          
  Querier Expiration Time : 0h 4m 5s            

  Active Group Addresses Tracking Vers Mode Uptime   Expires 
  ---------------------- -------- ---- ---- -------- --------              Filter   3    INC  1m 38s   4m 13s              Filter   3    EXC  1m 38s   4m 19s