Limitations of the mDNS gateware and Chromecast

The following are limitations of the mDNS gateway and Chromecast features:

  • IPv6 is not supported.

  • In distributed environment enable gateway in one switch to avoid loops.

  • Chromecast v1 (DIAL over SSDP) is not supported.

  • Custom filters are not supported.For example:
    rule <name> service *tv*
    rule <name> instance *ipad*
  • mDNS commands are not available from the web and the menu.

  • If the user configures both permit and deny for same service/instance and assign that to same VLAN then it is not valid configuration. System will not behave properly.

  • If the user has detected the Chromecast device via a permit profile VLAN and is doing a transition to deny profile, VLAN will need to clean the cache memory. Otherwise the system might get connected with already discovered device. It won’t try to discover it again. This is an expected behavior.