Overview of Apple's Bonjour and Google's Chromecast

The Aruba mDNS Gateway and Google Chromecast solution adds support for Apple’s Bonjour and Google’s Chromecast discovery from a switch. The solution uses mDNS protocol for discovery and is responsible for handling mDNS packets.


Aruba’s mDNS Gateway solution supports Apple’s Bonjour protocol to the switch.

Bonjour is Apple’s implementation of a suite of zero-configuration networking protocols and is supported by both Mac OS X devices (such as laptops and desktops), and Apple iOS devices (such as iPhones and iPads).

Bonjour’s zero-configuration networking services benefits include:
  • No longer having to assign IP addresses or host names to access network services on Mac OS X and Apple iOS devices

  • Applications can leverage Bonjour to automatically detect required services.

  • Interacts with other applications to allow for automatic connection of devices.

  • Communication and data exchange is possible without user configuration.

Google’s Chromecast

Chromecast is a digital media player developed by Google. The device is a HDMI dongle that plays audio and video content on a high-definition screen by directly streaming it via Wi-Fi from the Internet or a local network. The media is selected, by users, to play on devices by enabling Chromecast mobile and web applications. Casting a tab for sites that are not Google Cast-enabled. mirrors most Google Chrome browser content running on the device (MAC OSX and Windows).

Chromecast uses a simple multicast protocol for discovery and launch. This protocol enables users to mirror their devices on a second screen.

Aruba mDNS protocol

Aruba supports mDNS protocol implemented as a server. mDNS is the primary method of discovering a Chromecast that supports the v2 API. While SSDP/DIAL support is still present and used by some applications (such as "You Tube"), existing applications have to migrate to the new SDK using the new protocol.