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show ip rip

Once MD5 authentication is configured, the command will show the authentication type as MD5 for the configured RIPv2 interface.

IP RIP interface under VLAN context

switch(vlan-1)# show ip rip interface 

RIP interface information
IP Address     Status     Send mode   Recv mode  Metric     Auth
----------  -------  --------- ---------  -----  -----        Enabled    V2-only      V2-only     1     MD5


Show key-chain key-name

Show association with RIPv2 interface if any.

Show key-chain

DUT1(vlan-30)# show key-chain abc
Chain - test2

Key | Accept Start GMT   Accept Stop GMT   Send Start GMT    Send Stop GMT
--- + ----------------  --------------- --------------  -----------------
1    |  Bootup                  Infinite              Bootup                Infinite

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