PIM-SM and DT can be enabled within the same VLAN. Considered the following conditions when enabling PIM-SM DT.

  • To enable PIM-SM DT, configure PIM-SM and DT in the same VLAN.

  • PIM-SM DT is not supported on a switch with v1 modules. The command [no] allow-v1-modules can be used to disable any v1 modules.

  • Since there can be multiple combinations of DT and PIM-SM configured in multiple VLANs, PIM-SM DT feature should be enabled on the first combination of PIM-SM & DT in same VLAN and disabled when the last such pair is un-configured.

For information about the show distributed-trunking consistency-parameters global feature pim-sm and the [no] allow-v1-module commands, see the Management and Configuration Guide for your switch.