show ip pim neighbors

Show PIM protocol operational and configuration information.


Show PIM neighbor information.

show ip pim

PIM Global Parameters
PIM Status                   : Enabled
State Refresh Interval (sec) : 60 
Join/Prune Interval (sec)    : 60
SPT Threshold                : Enabled  
Traps                        : none

show ip pim neighbors

Lists PIM neighbor information for all PIM neighbors connected to the routing switch.


Show PIM neighbor information.

IP Address

Lists the IP address of a neighbor multicast router.


Lists the VLAN through which the routing switch connects to the indicated neighbor.

Up Time

Shows the elapsed time during which the neighbor has maintained a PIM route to the routing switch.

Expire Time

Indicates how long before the router will age-out a PIM neighbor/adjacency relationship on the specified interface (VLAN.) When a neighbor/adjacency expires and that neighbor was the last one on the interface, multicast data and state refresh packets will no longer be sent out that interface. Receipt of a periodic PIM hello message from the neighboring PIM router resets this timer to the hold time value stored in the hello message. If the ip-addr is specified then detailed information for the specified neighbor is shown.

IM Neighbors
IP Address      VLAN Up Time (sec)      Expire Time (sec) 
 --------------- ---- ------------------ ------------------        20   193                83