Changing the priority setting

Changing the priority setting for a BSR-candidate router.


bsr-candidate priority [0-255]

router pim bsr-candidate priority [0-255]
no router pim bsr-candidate priority [0-255]

Specifies the priority to apply to the router when a BSR election process occurs in the PIM-SM domain. The candidate with the highest priority becomes the BSR for the domain. If the highest priority is shared by multiple routers, the candidate having the highest IP address becomes the domain's BSR. Zero (0) is the lowest priority. To make BSR selection easily predictable, use this command to assign a different priority to each candidate BSR in the PIM-SM domain.

(Default: 0; Range 0–255)


Disabling PIM-SM on the elected BSR or disabling the C-BSR functionality on the elected BSR causes the router to send a Bootstrap Message (BSM) with a priority setting of 0 to trigger a new BSR election. If all BSRs in the domain are set to the default priority (0), the election will fail because the result is to re-elect the BSR that has become unavailable. For this reason, it is recommended that all C-BSRs in the domain be configured with a bsr-candidate priority greater than 0.