Creating a BGP connection

  • A router ID is the unique identifier of a BGP router in an AS.

  • To ensure the uniqueness of a router ID and enhance network reliability, you can specify in BGP configuration context the IP address of a local loopback interface as the router ID.

  • If no router ID is specified in BGP context, the global router ID is used.

  • If the global router ID is used and then it is removed, the system will select a new router ID.

  • Unconfiguring the router ID in BGP context can make the system select a new router ID.

Follow these steps to create a BGP connection:

To do...

Use the command...


Enter global configuration context


Enter BGP context

router bgp as-number

Not enabled by default

Enable BGP


Specify a BGP Router ID

bgp router-id ip-address

Optional. By default, the global router ID is used.

Specify a neighbor and its AS number

neighbor {ip-address} remote-as as-number


Configure a description for a neighbor

neighbor {ip-address} description description-text

Optional. Not configured by default


Since a router can reside in only one AS, the router can run only one BGP process.