Configuring BGP globally

Global BGP configuration commands

Command syntax



CLI reference

router bgp as-#

no router bgp

Configures a BGP routing process.

Not enabled.

Configuring a BGP routing process

bgp router-id router-id

no bgp router id

Configures a fixed router ID for the local Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing process.

  Configuring a fixed router ID for local BGP routing process

[no] network ipv4/mask [route-map route-map-name]

To specify the networks to be advertised by the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing processes, use the network command.

  Specifying the networks to be advertised by the BGP routing process

[no] bgp timers keep-alive hold-time

To adjust BGP network timers, use the bgp timers command in router configuration mode.

  Adjusting BGP network timers

[no] enable


Re-enables the state contained within this node and all child nodes of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) process.


Re-enabling state contained within nodes of BGP processes