Viewing the current PIM status and global configuration


show ip pim

Displays PIM status and global parameters.

PIM Status

Shows either Enabled or Disabled.

State Refresh Interval (sec)

Applies only to PIM-DM operation.

Join/Prune Interval

Indicates the frequency with which the router transmits join and prune messages for the multicast groups the router is forwarding.

SPT Threshold

When Enabled, indicates that, for a given receiver joining a multicast group, an edge router changes from the RPT to the SPT after receiving the first packet of a multicast flow intended for a receiver connected to the router.

When Disabled, indicates that the no spt-threshold command has been used to disable SPT operation. (See Changing the shortest-path tree (SPT) operation.


Enables the following SNMP traps:


Sends a trap if a neighbor router is lost.


Enables all of the above traps.


No traps are set.

Output with PIM enabled

switch(config)# show ip pim
 PIM Global Parameters
  PIM Status                   : Enabled
  State Refresh Interval (sec) : 60
  Join/Prune Interval (sec)    : 60
  SPT Threshold                : Enabled
  Traps                        : all