Viewing global VRRP statistics only


show vrrp statistics global

show vrrp ipv6 statistics global

Displays the global VRRP statistics for the router:

  • VRRP Enabled [Yes/No]

  • Invalid VRID Pkts Rx: VRRP packets received for a VRID that is not configured on the specific VLAN of the VRRP router.

  • Checksum Error Pkts Rx: VRRP packets received with a bad checksum

  • Bad Version Pkts Rx: VRRP advertisement packets received with a version number other than 2 or 3.

  • Virtual Routes Respond to Ping Requests [Yes/No]


Global VRRP statistics output

The output is the same for IPv4 and IPv6.

switch(config)# show vrrp statistics global

 VRRP Global Statistics Information

  VRRP Enabled           : Yes
  Invalid VRID Pkts Rx   : 0
  Checksum Error Pkts Rx : 0
  Bad Version Pkts Rx    : 0
  Virtual Routers Respond to Ping Requests : No