Displaying PIM route data


show ip [mroute]

Without parameters, lists multicast route entries in the following situations:

  • When the PIM-DM router is actively forwarding a multicast flow out an interface (VLAN.)

  • On a PIM-DM originator router (source directly connected) when traffic is entering the router but not forwarding

    The neighbor field will be empty in this case.

  • On a PIM-DM Non-originator router for a short duration after a flow's initial flood/prune cycle is seen. This entry is cleared after 5 minutes unless the flow is connected within that time period.

[Group Address]

The multicast group IP address for the specific flow (source-group pair.)

[Source Address]

The unicast address of the flow's source.


The IP address of the upstream multicast router interface (VLAN) from which the multicast flow is coming. A blank field indicates that the multicast source is directly connected to the router.


The interface on which the router receives the multicast flow.

Showing the route entry data on the “#2” routing switch

The next figure displays the show ip mroute output on the “ #2” routing switch shown in Multicast network with a multinetted VLAN. This case illustrates two multicast groups from the same multicast source.

switch(config)# show ip mroute
IP Multicast Route Entries
Total number of entries : 2
Group Address Source Address Neighbor VLAN
--------------- --------------- --------------- ---- 29 29