Viewing OSPF virtual neighbor information

If virtual links are configured on the routing switch, you can display OSPF virtual neighbor information.


show ip ospf virtual-neighbor [[area area-id] | [ip-address]]

Output for the show ip ospf virtual-neighbor command

OSPF Virtual Interface Neighbor Information

  Router ID       Area ID         State    IP Address      Events
  --------------- --------------- -------- --------------- --------       FULL      5       FULL      5

This display shows the following information.

CLI display of OSPF virtual neighbor information



Router ID

The router ID of this virtual neighbor (configured.)

Area ID

The area ID of the transit area for the virtual link to this neighbor (configured.)


The state of the adjacency with this virtual neighbor. The possible values are the same as the OSPF neighbor states. Virtual neighbors should never stay in the 2WAY state.

IP Address

IP address of the virtual neighbor that the routing switch is using to communicate to that virtual neighbor.


The number of times the virtual neighbor's state has changed.

Notice from the syntax statement that ip-address can be specified to display detailed information for a particular virtual neighbor. If an area-id is specified, only virtual neighbors belonging to that area are shown.