Viewing OSPF area information


show ip ospf area [ospf-area-id]

The [ospf-area-id] parameter shows information for the specified area. If no area is specified, information for all the OSPF areas configured is displayed.

The OSPF area display shows the information found in the table:

CLI display of OSPF area information



Area ID

Identifier for this area.


Area type, which can be either "normal" or "stub".


Metric for the default route that the routing switch will inject into a stub area if the routing switch is an ABR for the area. This value applies only to stub areas.


Number of times the routing switch has run the shortest path first route calculation for this area.


Number of area border routers in this area.


Number of autonomous system border routers in this area.


Number of LSAs in the link state database for this area.


Sum of the checksums of all LSAs currently in the area's link state database. This value can be compared to the value for other routers in the area to verify database synchronization.


show ip ospf area output

switch(config)# show ip ospf area

 OSPF Area Information

  Area ID         Type   Cost  SPFR   ABR  ASBR LSA   Checksum
  --------------- ------ ----- ------ ---- ---- ----- ----------         normal 0     1      0    0    1     0x0000781f    normal 0     1      0    0    1     0x0000fee6    stub   1     1      0    0    2     0x000181cd