Statically configuring an RP to accept multicast traffic

A given static RP entry should be manually configured on all routers in the PIM-SM domain.


router pim rp-address [rp-ip-addr] [group-addr/group-mask] [override]

[no] router pim rp-address [rp-ip-addr][group-addr/group-mask] [overide]

Statically specifies the IP address of the interface to use as an RP. Up to eight static RP IP addresses can be configured. (Each address can be entered multiple times for different multicast groups or group ranges.)


Specifies the multicast group or range of contiguous groups supported by the statically configured RP. Up to eight multicast group ranges can be configured.


Where a static RP and a C-RP are configured to support the same multicast group(s) and the multicast group mask for the static RP is equal to or greater than the same mask for the applicable C-RPs, this command assigns the higher precedence to the static RP, resulting in the C-RP operating only as a backup RP for the configured group. Without override, the C-RP has precedence over a static RP configured for the same multicast group(s.)