Standards compliance

VRRP on the switches includes the following:
  • Complies with RFC 3768 VRRP version 2.

  • Complies with RFC 5798 version 3 with two exceptions—advertisement intervals below one second are not supported, and accept mode is not supported (only ping application for virtual-ip-ping).

  • Complies with RFC 2787—Definitions of Managed Objects for VRRP, except for support for authentication-related values.

  • Unified standard MIB RFC 6527 supports both IPv4 and IPv6.

  • Private MIB hpicfVrrpv3.mib is added to support new IPv6 extensions and VR-specific extensions of the deprecated, private MIB hpcifVrrp.mib. Global extensions still use hpicfVrrp.mib