Planning considerations

  • Where multiple routers are available to operate as the DR for a given source, set the DR priority on each router according to how you want the router used.

  • Determine whether there are any bandwidth considerations that would call for disabling SPT operation. (If any routers in the domain have SPT operation disabled, it should be disabled on all RPs in the domain. See Operating rules for static RPs.)

  • Determine the routers to configure as C-BSRs. In many applications, the best choice may be to configure all routers in the domain as candidates for this function.

  • Determine the multicast group support you want on each C-RP and any static RPs in the domain. The easiest option is to enable C-RP to support all possible multicast groups on all routers in the domain. However, if there are traffic control considerations you want to apply, you can limit specific multicast groups to specific routers and/or set priorities so that default traffic routes support optimum bandwidth usage.