PIM-SM router types

Within a PIM-SM domain, PIM-SM routers can be configured to fill one or more of the roles described in this section.


A router performing this function forwards multicast traffic from a unicast source to the appropriate distribution (rendezvous) point.


A router elected to this function keeps all routers in a PIM-SM domain informed of the currently assigned RP for each multicast group currently known in the domain.


A router elected as a RP for a multicast group receives requested multicast traffic from a DR and forwards it toward the multicast receiver(s) requesting the traffic. See RP.

Static RP (static RP):

This option forwards traffic in the same way as an RP, but requires manual configuration on all routers in the domain to be effective.

All of the above functions can be enabled on each of several routers in a PIMSM domain.