Operating notes

  • By default, the DHCP relay agent increases the hop count in each DHCP request by one. You must enter the no dhcp-relay hop-count-increment command to disable this function.

  • You enter the no dhcp-relay hop-count-increment command at the global configuration level. The command is applied to all interfaces on the routing switch that are configured to forward DHCP requests.

  • This DHCP relay enhancement applies only to DHCP requests forwarded to a DHCP server. The server does not change the hop count included in the DHCP response sent to DHCP clients.

  • When you disable or re-enable the DHCP hop count function, no other behavior of the relay agent is affected.

  • You can configure the DHCP relay hop count function only from the CLI.

  • A new MIB variable, hpDhcpRelayHopCount, is introduced to support SNMP management of the hop count increment by the DHCP relay agent in a switch.