Associating more than one VIP with a VR

If a VLAN is configured with more than 32 (16 for the 2930F switch) subnets and it is necessary to apply VRRP to all of these subnets, it is necessary to associate more than one VIP with a VR.

Because a VLAN on the routers supports up to 32 (16 for the 2930F switch) VRs, applying VRRP to a higher number of subnets in the VLAN requires multiple VIPs in one or more VRs.

If the owner of a VR is associated with multiple VIPs, the backup routers belonging to the same VR must also be associated with the same set of VIPs. If the VIPs on the owner are not also on the backups, a misconfiguration exists. VRRP advertisement packets sent by the VR master will be dropped by the VR backups because of a mismatch among VIPs.