Matching next-hop addresses


[no] match [ip | ipv6 next-hop IP-addr | IPv6-addr] [IP-addr | IPv6-addr ...]

[no] match [ip | ipv6] next-hop prefix-list name

Matches a next hop address. The no form of the command deletes the match clause from the sequence.

[ip | ipv6]

Specifies matching with either an IPv4 (IP) or IPv6 address, respectively.

[IP-addr | IPv6-addr]

Specifies the IPv4 (IP) or IPv6 address, respectively, to match with.

[IP-addr | IPv6-addr ...]

Optional additional addresses. A single command can specify multiple IPv4 (IP) or IPv6 addresses. A match succeeds if any of the addresses matches (logical OR.)


Specifies the name of a prefix list to match the next hop against.