Error messages—Track interface



Invalid input: out of range value

You have to assign a valid port or trunk to the VR instance.

Can't track a port that is part of a trunk

You cannot configure tracking on a port that is a member of a trunk.

Tracking is disabled on owner

You cannot configure a track interface on an owner VR.

Cannot remove trunk being tracked by VRRP

You cannot remove a trunk that is being tracked by a VR

Cannot enable LACP on a VRRP tracked port

You cannot enable LACP on a port that is being tracked by a VR.

Too many entities to track

You have selected too many entities to be tracked by the VR.

Cannot track trunk/LACP member

You cannot track the specified trunk or LACP member.

VRRP tracked port is not allowed in trunk

You cannot add this tracked port to a trunk.

VRRP tracked port is not allowed in LACP

You cannot use LACP with the tracked port.

Operation is not permitted on VR when it is configured as owner or is uninitialized.

The VR must be a backup and initialized in order to execute the operation.