Enabling route redistribution

This step enables ASBR operation on a routing switch, and must be executed on each routing switch connected to external routes you want to redistribute in your OSPF domain.

The basic form of the redistribute command redistributes all routes of the selected type. For finer control over route selection and modification of route properties, you can specify the route-map parameter and the name of a route map. (For general information on route policy and route maps, see Route Policy. For examples of using route maps in route redistribution, see Using route policy in route redistribution.)


Do not enable redistribution until you have configured the redistribution "restrict" filters. Otherwise, the network might become overloaded with routes that you did not intend to redistribute.


[no] router ospf redistribute [connected | static | rip] route-map name

Executed on an ASBR to globally enable redistribution of the specified route type to the OSPF domain through the area in which the ASBR resides.


Redistribute from manually configured routes.


Redistribute from locally connected networks.


Redistribute from RIP routes.

route-map name

Optionally specify the name of a route-map to apply during redistribution.

The no form of the command disables redistribution for the specified route type.


To enable redistribution of all supported external route types through a given ASBR, execute the following commands.

switch(config)# router ospf redistribution connected
switch(config)# router ospf redistribution static
switch(config)# router ospf redistribution rip