Enabling or disabling lan prune delay


 ip pim-sparse lan-prune-delay 
no ip pim-sparse lan-prune-delay 
vlan [vid] ip pim-sparse lan-prune-delay
no vlan [vid] ip pim-sparse lan-prune-delay

Enables the LAN prune delay option on the current VLAN. With lan-prune-delay enabled, the router informs downstream neighbors how long it will wait before pruning a flow after receiving a prune request.

Other downstream routers on the same VLAN must send a join to override the prune before the lan-prune-delay time if they want the flow to continue. This prompts any downstream neighbors with multicast receivers continuing to belong to the flow to reply with a join. If no joins are received after the lan-prune-delay period, the router prunes the flow.

The propagation-delay and override-interval settings (below) determine the lan-prune-delay setting.

Uses the no form of the command to disable the LAN prune delayoption.

(Default: Enabled)