ip igmp

You can enable IGMP on a VLAN, along with the last-saved or default IGMP configuration (whichever was most recently set), or you can disable IGMP on a selected VLAN.


[no] ip igmp

Enables IGMP on a VLAN. This command must be executed in a VLAN context.

Enable IGMP on VLAN 1

switch(vlan-1)# vlan 1 ip igmp

– or –

ip igmp

Disable IGMP on VLAN 1

switch(config)# no vlan 1 ip igmp


If you disable IGMP on a VLAN and then later re-enable IGMP on that VLAN, the switch restores the last-saved IGMP configuration for that VLAN. For more information, see the Management and Configuration Guide for your switch.

You can also combine the ip igmp command with other IGMP-related commands, as described in the following sections.