Enabling, disabling, or changing router PIM notification traps


[no] router pim trap [all | neighbor-loss | hardware-mrt-full | software-mrt-full]

Enables and disables the following PIM SNMP traps:


Enable/Disable all PIM notification traps.

(Default: Disabled)


Enable/Disable the notification trap sent when the timer for a multicast router neighbor expires and the switch has no other multicast router neighbors on the same VLAN with a lower IP address.

(Default: Disabled)


Enable/Disable notification trap sent when the hardware multicast routing table (MRT) is full (2046 active flows.) In this state, any additional flows are handled by the software MRT, which increases processing time for the affected flows.

(Default: Disabled)


Enable/Disable notification trap sent when the router's software MRT is full (that is, when routing resources for active flows are exhausted.) Note that in this state, the router does not accept any additional flows.

(Default: Disabled)


Trap operation requires configuring an SNMP trap receiver by using the snmp-server host[ip-addr] command at the global configuration level.