Dynamic priority change operating notes

  • There are no backward compatibility issues with the VRRP dynamic priority change feature. If a VRRP router has an older firmware version that does not have the dynamic priority change feature, it will not have the needed configuration options.

  • The VR's operating VLAN cannot be configured as a tracking VLAN for that VR.

  • Ports that are part of a trunk cannot be tracked.

  • A port that is tracked cannot be included in a trunk.

  • Trunks that are tracked cannot be removed; you are not able to remove the last port from the trunk.

  • LACP (active or passive) cannot be enabled on a port that is being tracked.

  • If a VLAN is removed or a port becomes unavailable, the configuration is retained and they are tracked when they become available again.

  • After the owner VR relinquishes control of its IP address, that IP address becomes unavailable to all other applications and routing protocols such as RIP and OSPF .

  • To avoid operational issues, Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends that VRRP is not run on the same interface/VLAN with other routing protocols, such as RIP and OSPF.