Deleting all or part of a route map

Use The no form of the route-map command to delete a sequence or an entire route map.


no route-map name [seq seq-num]

Deletes a route map or a route map sequence.


Specifies the name of the route map.

seq seq-num

Optional sequence number. Specifies a sequence to delete from the named route map.

If no sequence number is specified, the entire route map is deleted.

To delete a match or set clause from a route-map, first enter the context of that route map and then issue The no form of the clause to delete it.


To delete the match metric 25 clause from sequence 20 of Map4, you would use the following commands:

switch(config)# route-map Map4 permit seq 20
switch(route-map-Map4-20)# no match metric 25