Configuring track VLAN


The VR's operating VLAN cannot be configured as a tracking VLAN for that VR.


[no] track vlan <vlan-id>range

Allows you to specify a VLAN or range of VLANs that will be tracked by this virtual router. If the VLAN is down, or if the VLAN or IP address has been deleted, the virtual router switches to the router specified by the priority value. The command is executed in VRID instance context.


switch(config)# vlan 25

switch(vlan-25)# vrid 1

switch(vlan-25-vrid-1)# track vlan 10 24-26

When the first tracked port or tracked VLAN comes up after being down, the VR waits for the pre-empt delay time before it tries to take control back. The VR resumes being a backup with its configured priority as soon as the first tracked entity is up.

The behavior of the VR is not affected by any tracked entities until after the expiration of the preempt delay time. However, if while waiting for the preempt delay time to expire, a master goes down, the VR tries to take control of the virtual IP.