Configuring a passive OSPF interface

For more information, see About OSPF passive.

Enter this command in VLAN context:

switch(vlan-1)# ip ospf passive


ip ospf ip-addr passive
no ip ospf ip-addr passive

Configures passive OSPF for an AS.


Optionally, you can configure an IP address on the VLAN.

The no option disables the passive option; the interface becomes an active interface.

Default: Active


To display the OSPF passive information, enter the command as shown:

show ip ospf interface command with passive configured on an interface

switch(vlan-1)# show ip ospf interface

   OSPF Interface Status

IP Address  Status  Area ID  State  Auth-type  Cost Priority Passive
----------  ------  -------  -----  ---------  ---- -------- -------  enabled  down   none       1    1        Yes  enabled  wait   none       1    1        No
You can display the OSPF passive information for a particular VLAN as shown.

show ip ospf interface command for a specific VLAN with passive configured on an interface

switch(config) show ip ospf interface vlan 4

OSPF configuration and statistics for VLAN 4

OSPF Interface Status for

 IP Address:   :   Status  : enabled
 AreaID        :      Passive : Yes

 State : DOWN                 Auth-type : none
 Cost  : 1                    Chain     :
 Type  : BCAST                Priority  : 1

 Transit Delay    : 1         Retrans Interval  : 5
 Hello Interval   : 10        Rtr Dead Interval : 40
 Designated Router:           Events            : 0
 Backup Desig. Rtr:           Passive           : yes
 Neighbors        : 2