Changing VR advertisement interval and source IP address


vrrp vrid vrid-numadvertise-interval 1-40

vrrp ipv6 vrid vrid-num advertise-interval 1-40
  • When a VRRP router is operating as master, this value specifies the interval at which the router sends an advertisement notifying the other VRRP routers on the network or subnet that a master is active.

  • When a VRRP router is operating as a backup, it uses this value to calculate a master down interval ( 3 x advt-interval.)

Default for IPv4: 1 second; range: 1–40 seconds

Default for IPv6: 1 second; range: 1–40 seconds

For information on advertisements and advertisement intervals, see Function of the VRRP advertisement.


All VRRP routers belonging to the same VR must be configured with the same advertisement interval. As required in RFC 3768, if a locally configured advertisement interval does not match the interval received in an inbound VRRP packet, the VR drops that packet.


primary-ip-address [ip-address | lowest]

For IPv4 only. IPv6 does not have a primary-ip-address option; the primary IP address is the link-local address of the real interface over which the packet is transmitted.

Specifies the VIP to designate as the source for VRRP advertisements from the VR. If there is only one VIP configured on the VR, the default setting (lowest) is sufficient. Where there are multiple VIPs in the same VR and you want to designate an advertisement source other than the lowest IP Address, use this command.

For an owner VR, the primary IP address must be one of the VIPs configured on the VR.

For a backup VR, the primary IP address must be in the same subnet as one of the VIPs configured on the VR. In addition, the primary IP address for a backup VR must be one of the IP addresses configured on the VLAN on which the VR is configured.

Executed in VRID context.

Default: lowest


It is common in VRRP applications to have only one VIP per VR. In such cases, the protocol uses that address as the source IP address for VRRP advertisements, and it is not necessary to specify an address.