Configuring for external route redistribution in an OSPF domain

Configuring route redistribution for OSPF establishes the routing switch as an ASBR (residing in a backbone, normal, or NSSA) for importing and translating different protocol routes from other IGP domains into an OSPF domain. The switches support redistribution for static routes, RIP routes, and directly connected routes from RIP domains into OSPF domains. When you configure redistribution for OSPF, you can specify that static, connected, or RIP routes external to the OSPF domain are imported as OSPF routes. (Likewise, RIP redistribution supports the import of static, connected, and OSPF routes into RIP routes.) The steps for configuring external route redistribution to support ASBR operation include the following:

  1. Configure redistribution filters to exclude external routes that you do not want redistributed in your OSPF domain.
  2. Enable route redistribution.
  3. Modify the default metric for redistribution (optional.)
  4. Modify the redistribution metric type (optional.)
  5. Change the administrative distance setting (optional.)


Do not enable redistribution until you have used


to configure the redistribution filters. Otherwise, your network might become overloaded with routes that you did not intend to redistribute.