Changing maximum time before the routing switch transmits the initial PIM hello message on the VLAN


ip pim-dense [hello-delay 0-5] 
 vlan [vid]ip pim-dense [hello-delay 0-5]

Changes the maximum time in seconds before the routing switch actually transmits the initial PIM hello message on the current VLAN. In cases where a new VLAN activates with connections to multiple routers, if all of the connected routers sent hello packets at the same time, the receiving router could become momentarily overloaded. This value randomizes the transmission delay to a time between 0 and the hello delay setting. Using 0 means no delay.

After the routing switch sends the initial hello packet to a newly detected VLAN interface, it sends subsequent hello packets according to the current hello interval setting.


Not used with the [no] form of the ip pim-dense command.

Default: 5 seconds