copy tftp command-file


copy tftp command-file <IP-ADDR> <FILENAME.TXT> [unix|pc][oobm]


Copies and executes the named text file from the specified TFTP server address and executes the ACL commands in the file. Depending on the ACL commands used, this action does one of the following in the running-config file:
  • Creates a new ACL.

  • Replaces an existing ACL.

  • Adds to an existing ACL.

Parameters and options


The IP address of a TFTP server available to the switch.


A text file containing ACL commands and stored in the TFTP directory of the server identified by <IP-ADDR> .


The type of workstation used for serial, Telnet, or SSH access to the switch CLI.


For switches that have a separate out-of-band management port, specifies that the transfer will be through the out-of-band management interface. (Default is transfer through the data interface.)

Upload an ACL command file from a PC

switch(config)# copy tftp command-file
vlan10_in.txt pc

The switch displays this message:

Running configuration may change, do you want to continue

If the switch detects an illegal (non-ACL) command in the file, it bypasses the illegal command, displays a notice (as shown in Using the copy command to download and configure an ACL ), and continues to implement the remaining ACL commands in the file.

Using the copy command to download and configure an ACL