sntp server


[no] sntp server priority <1-3> <IP-ADDRESS> <VERSION-NUM> <KEY-ID> <1-4,294,967,295>


Configures a key-id to be associated with a specific server. The key itself must be configured on the switch.

The no version of the command disassociates the key from the server. This does not remove the authentication key.

Default: No key is associated with any server by default.

Parameters and options

priority <1-3>

Specifies the order in which the configured servers are polled for getting the time.


The IP address of the server. Supports IPv4 or IPv6.


Specifies the SNTP software version to use and is assigned on a per-server basis. The version setting is backwards-compatible. For example, using version 3 means that the switch accepts versions 1 through 3. Default: 3; range: 1 - 7.


Optional command. The key identifier sent in the SNTP packet. This key-id is associated with the SNTP server specified in the command.

Associating a key-id with a specific server

switch(config)# sntp server priority 1 2 key-id 55