Event Log entries

As shown in Format of an event log entry, each Event Log entry is composed of six or seven fields, depending on whether numbering is turned on or not:

Format of an event log entry
Item Description


One of the following codes (from highest to lowest severity):

M—(major) indicates that a fatal switch error has occurred.

E—(error) indicates that an error condition occurred on the switch.

W—(warning) indicates that a switch service has behaved unexpectedly.I—(information) provides information on normal switch operation.

D—(debug) is reserved for internal diagnostic information.


The date in the format mm/dd/yy when an entry is recorded in the log.


The time in the format hh:mm:ss when an entry is recorded in the log.

Event number

The number assigned to an event. You can turn event numbering on and off with the [no] log-number command.

System module

The internal module (such as "ports:" for port manager) that generated a log entry. If VLANs are configured, a VLAN name also appears for an event that is specific to an individual VLAN.

Event message

A brief description of the operating event.