Viewing status of ports enabled for web-based authentication


show port-access web-based <port-list>
Displays the status of all ports or specified ports that are enabled for web-based authentication. The information displayed for each port includes:
  • Number of authorized and unauthorized clients.

  • VLAN ID number of the untagged VLAN used. If the switch supports MAC (untagged) VLANs, MACbased is displayed to show that multiple untagged VLANs are configured for authentication sessions.

  • If tagged VLANs (statically configured or RADIUS-assigned) are used (Yes or No.)

  • If client-specific per-port CoS (Class of Service) values are configured (Yes or No) or the numerical value of the CoS (802.1p priority) applied to all inbound traffic. For client-specific per-port CoS values, enter the show port-access web-based clients detailed command.

  • If per-port rate-limiting for inbound traffic is applied (Yes or No) or the percentage value of the port's available bandwidth applied as a rate-limit value.

  • If RADIUS-assigned ACLs are applied.

Information on ports not enabled for web authentication is not displayed.

Example of show port-access web-based command output